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The mission of the Palm Springs Opera Guild is to bring the art of Opera to the Coachella Valley through educational outreach, live performances, and financial support for artists.


The Palm Springs Opera Guild invites everyone in the Coachella Valley and beyond to join the Guild family and participate in its numerous programs.
The Guild was established in 1968 to support and promote the operatic arts through outreach, education, fundraising, service, and continues to contribute to its growth today as one of the leading Valley’s finest arts companies. We invite everyone to join the Guild and participate in its numerous programs throughout our season.
Palm Springs Opera Guild is a membership based  organization.Anyone, without regard to race, ethnic background, religion, gender, or sexual orientation, who supports the mission of the Guild and who pays the regular annual dues in the amounts and at the times required by the Board of Directors shall be a general member. General members include persons contributing at various levels including the Patron, Allegro, Bravissimo, and Donor levels.


Celebrating over 50 years, the Palm Springs Opera Guild is a premier operatic arts and education organization that is dedicated to enriching people’s lives through opera music. We offer a number of educational and outreach programs designed for students (K- Gr. 12) and adults in the Valley, that teach elements of music, theatre, history, and culture.
Through our various relationships with several opera companies throughout the western United States, the Palm Springs Opera Guild offers newcomers to opera and its most avid fans access to the artistry of Opera and allows for many unique, grandeur, and resources of one of the world’s most renowned art forms. Trips to opera performances, unique programs and events by professional singers, and learning opportunities are made possible through our collaborations.


Ben Lowe, Baritone & Vocal Competition Finalist

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